Since 1973 Selvafil is specialized in the production of technical yarns. Equipped with a modern and automated plant which allows us to offer a high level of quality and rapid response even with special blends and small batches.

In 1986 Selvafil built a second plant for the manufacture of spun yarns using dope dyed fibres especially produced for awnings and outdoor fabrics. Selvafil is currently authorised to spin all the fibres existing in the market for this sector.

In 1995 automation processes were installed in the second plant, providing it with an automatic roving distribution system which allows us to guarantee the highest quality, minimum risks of pollution and a high level of productivity.

In April 1998 we opened our third plant, which is also automated and which is designed for longer productions and the spinning of special colours and fibres on demand.

Between 2004 and 2008 we renovated and automated totally our first production plant.

Selvafil currently manages the most advanced and automated cotton-system spinning mills in Europe and possibly the most versatile and best equipped, with online quality control procedures.

All of this, together with our knowledge of special fibres, our experience and our young staff, makes Selvafil today, one of the best prepared spun yarn producers for the development of new technical yarns which demand a high level of quality and rapid response to client needs.

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